Canadian Connection Podcast 04:14
2x Canadian Olympian, Brad Spence, discusses his charitable organization, Helmets For Heroes. Helmets for Heroes matches up local Canadian Artists, Canadian National Level Athletes, and Canadian Children battling adversity.
Alberta Primetime - CTV Alberta 05:20
With the help of local Calgary artist, Amy Dryer, and World Cup and X-Games champion Brady Leman, Josephine’s story will be in the spotlight March 5, 2017 as Brady fights for gold at the FIS World Cup Ski Cross Finals in Blue Mountain, Ontario.
Helmets aren't Cool? 00:25
Did you know that brain trauma kills more children under the age of 20 than all other causes combined? #PutALidOnIt
Check Mate 00:26
Did you know that 95% of children will wear a helmet if their parent does, but only 40% if they don't? You do the math. #PutALidOnIt
Playing For Fun 00:28
Did you know that 1 in 5 sport related injuries are due to concussions? #PutALidOnIt
Let's Talk About Uncomfortable 00:30
Did you know that every year, over 6,000 Canadians are permanently disabled after a traumatic brain injury? #PutALidOnIt
You Don't Want To Mess Up Your Hair? 00:28
Did you know that acquired head injuries are the leading cause of death and disability to Canadians under the age of 35? #PutALidOnIt
It's Never Too Late To Start 00:31
Did you know that every 3 minutes, another Canadian suffers a brain injury? #PutALidOnIt